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Colonic Irrigation in Boulder, Colorado
If you are looking for a colonic in Boulder then I recommend James Allred. James is very experienced and uses advanced colonic techniques at his clinic in Colorado.

Colonic Irrigation in Malvern, Victoria
Edna Granot has thirty years experience of looking after patients and it was a natural progression ten years ago to become a Colon Hydrotherapist. She is committed to ongoing education and offers colon hydrotherapy, nutrition and massage.

Detox Leeds
Like my Detox Leeds page for regular special offers and useful health information
NHS Card Discounts" target="_top">
NHS Card Discounts" target="_top">Discounts Offered to NHS Staff
If you work in the NHS then there's 10% off treatments.

My Google+ Page
You will find more reviews of colonic irrigation plus see the things I share in connection with digestive health, new products, website updates etc.

Wellington Colonics and Nutrition
Annette opened her first clinic in Wellington mid 2002 and has progressively introduced thousands of people, throughout Wellington, to the benefits of applying a balance of colonic irrigation, good nutrition, exercise and health awareness to everyday living. If you live in Wellington then choose Wellington Colonics and Nutrition for your colonic irrigation and help with improving your health.
Supplier of colon hydrotherapy equipment, disposable speculum packs, inco sheets, couch roll etc. Great service and very reliable. I have a long standing business relationship with Derek Waterhouse and he has never let me down.

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