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Sounds like a futuristic type of alternative treatment, doesn’t it? Well, actually bioresonance is more than 40 years old. But what is it, and how does it work?

The theory behind bioresonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells in the body emit an altered electromagnetic wave. This is due to the DNA damage they have received. Changing these waves back to their original frequency can help to manage symptoms and make you feel better.

The basic principles mean that all substances have a particular wavelength or frequency, and those have highly individual characteristics. These are known as a frequency pattern. These frequency patterns can be detected by a Bicom bioresonance device which is what I use at Bioresonance Leeds.

This device will use the frequency patterns that are taken from the body, in the original biofeedback mode, and a mix of external substances. In order to use frequencies from the body, electrode mats will be placed in contact with your skin. If information is required from deeper inside the body, magnet electrodes are used on top of light clothing.

The Bicom separates waves into healthy and unhealthy components. The healthy waves will be boosted and sent back to the body. Unhealthy waves are inverted by electronic mirror circuits to reduce their negative effect before they are sent back into the body.

First Appointment

Bioresonance Leeds is a gut focused practice. And that is because gut health has one of the most critical roles to play in your overall health. When you book for the first time, you will be emailed a health questionnaire together with details of two simple tests that everyone should do at home before the appointment.

The first session will start with a discussion around your health and any symptoms that you’d want to talk about. There might be some supplements recommended that will complement your therapy and help to boost the results.

The first appointment will typically be an hour and a half, with the therapy itself being around an hour. Subsequent appointments will be around 60 minutes in length. One of the most wonderful things about each of your appointments is that you spend the majority of the time relaxing in a chair.

Although each session does come in several therapy programs. Some will use information from the body, and others will use data from substances.

Like all therapies, you want to know that what you are doing is safe. Well, the short answer is yes, bioresonance therapy is safe. However, it should be noted that for those who require detoxification, the therapy can sometimes lead to reactions like headache, slight nausea, or fatigue. And some people may feel tired following therapy sessions.

So if you are tired of waiting for answers, and want to take charge of your health, then book a session and find out just how great you can feel.

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