Comprehensive Anti-Candida Remedy

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  • detox Anti-Candida Therapy Starter Pack - Total Value £118 Saving £15

    Go Daily (180 g) - Psyllium Husk with Glucomannan, L-Glutamine, Inulin (FOS), Fennel Seed, Peppermint Leaf, Ginger Root, Live Bacteria (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium  Bifidum), Stevia Leaf Extract.
    Well Digested (90 Vegecaps)- Digestive Enzymes
    Oxy - Oxygenated Colon Cleanser
    Pro-Bio Max (30 Vege caps - High strength - 20 billion live bacteria - 8 strains)
    Good Bacteria (30 Vege caps - 4 billion live bacteria - 8 strains)
    Yeast Balance (60 Vege caps) - A comprehensive formula including Caprylic Acid and Zinc

    The Anti-Candida Starter Pack will see you through the first three weeks of battling against Candida.  You may need to buy more Oxy as dosage depends on how your body responds to the supplement.

    Suggested Dosage:
    - Colon Cleanser - Works best on an empty stomach so first thing in the morning and last thing at night works best for most people. Start taking three capsules twice per day.  It should make your bowels loose.  If it does not increase the dose one capsule at a time until it does then maintain that dose until bowels settle then increase by one capsule again.  Do not take more than 15 capsules per day.  Suggested duration 1 to 3 months.

    Before breakfast take Go Daily 

    With Breakfast Take 1 Good Bacteria (1st 10 days then switch to Pro-Biotic Max) and 1 Yeast Balance
    Before Lunch 1 Well Digested and 1 after
    With lunch 1 Good Bacteria (1st 10 days then switch to Pro-Biotic Max) and 1 Yeast Balance
    Dinner as lunch
    Oxy - same dose as in the morning, as far away from food as possible.
    WARNING:  If you have been feeling very unwell or suspect that you have had a Candida overgrowth for an extended period (think back to when your symptoms first started - often people can pinpoint a specific time such as following surgery, pregnancy, periods of extreme stress etc) then to avoid an extreme Herxheimer reaction it is advisable to first eradicate sugar from the diet.  Simply removing sugar from the diet is sufficient for some people to feel very much worse.  Do not make the mistake of putting sugar back into your diet as you will only prolong the problem.  The reaction is caused by the yeast starting to die off flooding your body with additional toxins.  Wait until the reaction subsides and then introduce one supplement at a time starting with Go Daily, followed by Yeast Balance, Well Digested, Oxy and finally Pro-Bio Max.   
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