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As of 28th September 2022 I am No Longer Offering Colonic Irrigation

PLEASE NOTE:  The website is going through a major overhaul to clarify my new offer.  The web shop (bottom left side - products arranged by issues) is still open and all products available.  Not sure how long it will take me to get the site in its new form and hopefully not too long. Thank you for your patience.  

So colonics have gone.  There are many reasons which I won't go into.  I intend to focus on bioresonance' and the knowledge I have gained through my years in practice, to work with people to alleviate their gut issues.  I always said colonics are not the whole picture.  Bioresonance takes things a step further.  

I will be updating the website properly once I get on top of everything so please check back.

Colonic Irrigation Will Help You to Work on Your Health From the Inside Out
Jane Barber - Colon Hydrotherapist at Detox Leeds

Hello and thank you for dropping by.  Having arrived at my site, it's likely you are either experiencing digestive health issues (such as IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, candida for example) or are just keen on taking care of your health in general.  I can help you whatever your motivation.   

My name is Jane Barber and I have been a Colon Hydrotherapist in Leeds for 14 years.  I am passionate about my work.  I get tremendous job satisfaction from helping people to improve their gut health.

I first became fascinated by gut health after I had a Food Sensitivity Test many years ago and was able to turn my health around from dire to glowing in a short space of time.  I knew then that my future lay in helping other people to improve their health.

I was studying to be a nutritionist when it dawned on me that health (and illness) starts in the gut and that's where my current career began.  You have to take care of the foundations.  Whilst gut health has long been considered somewhat alternative, in recent years numerous studies have started to connect illness with gut bacteria that is out of balance and hey presto its suddenly becoming mainstream.  

A first appointment with me starts with a full consultation looking at all the issues that can be having a negative impact on your gut and, if you are experiencing issues such as constipation, diarrhoea, reflux etc, working to establish the most likely cause of the problem.  You will leave my practice with a better understanding of how your gut works and information to improve function.

The therapies and services I offer are as follows:

Colonic Irrigation in Leeds
What's lurking in your gut?

I have often seen medics claiming that colonic irrigation does not work which always surprises me.  It is a very practical therapy that does not require you to believe in it.  You will see the results passing through the viewing chamber of the machine.  Colonics are useful for:

  • Removing slow moving and stagnant waste (you can't have a gut teeming with good bacteria if it's always full of poop)
  • Removing bad bacteria and yeasts
  • Giving your colon a work out (sluggish colons can be improved with regular sessions)
  • Removing remnants of undigested food which can cause gas and bloating
  • Removing remnants of problematic foods following a food sensitivity test
  • Elimination of mucoid plaque
  • Removing parasites from the large intestine
  • Iproving hydration

Food Sensitivity Testing in Leeds

Food sensitivities are the source of a great deal of disruption to gut function and often the cause of constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion and reflux, stubborn weight gain etc.  You may however be surprised to know that they can also be the source of your aches and pains, joint issues etc

Whilst there are very common sensitivities such as wheat and dairy you can actually be sensitive to any food.  The dominance of supermarkets as the primary source of food has led to foods which were once only available for a short time (eg strawberries, two weeks during the UK early summer) bein consumed all year which increases the likelihood of becoming intolerant. 

Bioresonance Therapy in Leeds

The latest addition to my therapy offering is Bioresonance which I have been having myself for around 10 years.  Bioresonance Therapy It is a fantastic complement to colonics and can help to desensitise you to food sensitivities. It is a frequency healing method can be used with or without colonics.  With colonics it delivers the ultimate detox.  I have set up a very basic, temporary website so please don't judge me on the quality, I did it myself! Bioresonance Leeds

Practitioner Quality Supplements
Detox Go Daily - High Quality Fibre Supplement with Pre and Probiotics

I have been working with these products for years and my clients get great results. I am required to point out however that results will vary from person to person and if you have persistent symptoms then you should always visit your GP and get it checked out.

Everything I stock is chemical free, not tested on animals, natural and represents great value for money. I sometimes have stock available in my practice but products are always available on this site.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like some help with your choice.  I am happy to offer you a free consultation. Just call me, Jane, on 0113 3910415 and we'll take it from there.

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