Stop Smoking in 60 Minutes with Bioresonance

Are You Still Smoking? Want To Stop? Read on .......
Ready to Quit Smoking?
You don't need me to lecture you about the disadvantages of smoking.  You already know them: how much it costs, what it's doing to your health, the smell........ but it's hard to stop, right?
Niocotine is addictive that's for sure and the cravings, the restlessness, that gnawing in your gut can be hard to resist, especially if you have not made any changes to your daily routine. If you tried and failed to give up smoking before, you've probably responded to those cravings by grabbing your keys and heading for the corner store to get cigarettes or tobacco, desperate to ease the deep discomfort. So if there was a way to free yourself of those cravings, do you think giving up smoking would be easier?

Many people, who have failed previously, have been successful and stopped smoking, with the Bicom Bioresonance Method which has a 70% - 90% (depending on how many sessions) success rate, way beyond any other method currently available.

So How Does It Work?

Using BICOM Bioresonance Therapy, the frequency pattern of nicotine is inverted and sent back to your body as a mirror image. This produces what is called a phase cancellation.  Sounds very technical but it is simpler than it sounds.  It's all abut frequencies.  Literally everything has it's own frquency.  By cancelling the frequency of nicotine (in the same way as noise cancelling headphones work) your body is able to eliminate it's physical memory of nicotine and return to its original state prior to addiction.

In addition, the body’s natural detoxification systems are stimulated to eliminate nicotine, and the associated cigarette toxins, through the kidneys and skin.  Worldwide, thousands of people have successfully given up smoking using BICOM Bioresonance therapy.

Watch the video below with TV reports of the success of the method.  It includes footage from the Richard and Judy Show when they put the method to the test and what their "guinea pigs" had to say about their experience?  The video is old now and remains the best example I have found and has more validity given those involved have no vested interest: 

How To Book

Once you have decided you want to Quit Smoking with Bioresonance Therapy, the first step is to send me a text pn 07974 218487.  I will get back to you as soon as I am able.  It will usually be between 5pm and 6pm Monday to Thursday or Saturday morning.  You can also contact me by email at but you must include a mobile number for me to respond.  

All appointments are payable in advance (please check my terms and conditions before booking).  You can reserve an appointment but it will not be confirmed until payment is received and the appointment will only be held for 2 hours unless there are circumstances which prevent payment within this time frame.  All payments are to be by bank transfer or cash (if that is practical).

Once payment is received your appointment will be confirmed and you will receive your instructions for preparing.  Doing some groundwork prior to your appointment will facilitate a smooth transition from smoker to non-smoker.

Appointments are available Tuesday to Thursday evenings and Saturdays, at Ivy House, 16 Bondgate, Otley, LS21 3AB, possibly at your home depending where you live or at other locations (to be added) subject to room availability.

Your Therapy

Prior to your appointment, there are some useful steps to take which are all described in the instructions I send out.  It's simple things such as increasing your water intake (the therapy works best on a well hydrated body), cleaning your living environment and your car to remove the smell of smoke etc.

Leading up to your appointment feel free to smoke as much as you wish.

On the day of your appointment, you need to make sure you bring the last of your usual brand of cigarettes with you.  

You will quite smoking in 60 minutes but you should allow 2 hours for your appointment.  We will start with programmes which prepare your body for the therapy and some which will activate the natural detox processes and work on your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

You will then smoke your last cigarette, at least two thirds of it, and tap the ashinto a container I will provide you with.  The ash and the remaining unsmoked cigarette will be used to run the therapy and invert the frequencies.

The session will conclude with a short programme to boost your vitality.  

All the programmes I run will be recorded on a chip which is then worn on your body for the next two weeks and continues to deliver the therapy.  I will also activate a bottle of mineral water, with the same frequencies, for you to drink in the two to three days after your session, to further support the process.


How Much Does it Cost?

The Stop Smoking Therapy is a one off appointment. It is generally 1.5 hours but may take a little longer so keep 2 hours free.

The therapy is available at a variety of locations including Ivy House in Otley.  Further locations will be added when I identify appropriate rooms.  Depending on where you live, it can also be at your own home.

The fee is £250 which is much less than most people spend in a month on cigarettes so is effectively self financing.  

People often find it beneficial to have follow up sessions for several reasons: to further support the process, clear up issues that arise (such as coughing, for example, as the lungs start to clear). Please note that the Stop Smoking protocol will not be repeated in follow up sessions.  Single appointments are £75.  I am happy to discuss a discount if you want to pay for sessions in advance and pay cash.

No Thank You, I Dont Smoke
No Thank You, I Don't Smoke

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