Price List for Colonic Irrigation and Food Sensitivity Test

Price List

Please review my Terms & Conditions prior to booking.


Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or I accept all major cards (with the exception of American Express).


All new customers are required to pay a £25 deposit when booking their first appointment.  Deposits can be paid by bank transfer, by card over the telephone or by Paypal invoice.  Please review my Terms & Conditions before paying your deposit.



Consultation Available

If you are uncertain which treatment/product options would be useful for you, I offer a consultation appointment.  Terms & Conditions apply. The appointment is an hour.  I will ask you to complete a health questionaire prior to the appointment and bring it with you.  I may also ask you to do a couple of simple tests at home prior to the appointment so we have maximum information to work with. 

Whilst I may well recommend having colonics or using my supplements, it is also possible that my recommendations may include other therapies/therapists.  Some people don't want to have colonics so I am also happy to discuss alternatives in such circumstances.                                                       £75

Colonic Irrigation Prices

Colonic Irrigation Prices

Your First Appointment - £85

Discount Package (inc a first appointment) - 3 Sessions £185

The appointment is 1.5 hours and starts with a full consultation looking at your diet, lifestyle, symptoms and what you wish to achieve.  The colonic element of the appointment is 40 minutes (which I am told is one of the longest in the area).  At the end of the appointment you will be given Guidance Notes including information on suggested dietary changes, appropriate water intake, recommended course of treatment, useful supplements to help you achieve your aims, lifestyle suggestions etc.

I charge a little more than some clinics in the area for the first appointment because I give a lot more.  Please have a look at my reviews on Google+ to see what people think of the services I offer.


After Your First Colonic Irrigation

Once you have attended a first appointment my prices are as follows:

Single Colonic Session - £65

Discount Package - 3 sessions - £175

Food Sensitivity Testing Prices

Food Sensitivity Testing Prices

Standard Food SensitivityTest - £125

The standard test includes 114 foods, 35 E-numbers, 35 vitamins and minerals (looking for sub-optimum levels).  In addition, you can bring five samples of foods, supplements, body care products etc for testing which are included in this price.  Additional samples will be charged at £2.50 per sample (please advise when booking how many additional samples you would like to bring so I can allow enough time).

The standard test takes 1.5 hours and the results are immediate.  You will receive an information pack with instructions on how to achieve a successful elimination and information sheets to help you identify where the most common ingredient foods (such as wheat, dairy, corn) may be hidden.  I am entirely happy for people to contact me by email or telephone with questions subsequent to the test.  If more in depth assistance is required then a further charge may be incurred which will be discussed with you.

Food Sensitivity Test Plus - £150

In addition to the Standard Test, 31 aireborne potential irritants (such as moulds, cat/dog, pollen etc).  The test will take 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Reward Scheme - Get FREE Colonics

You are invited to download my App:

You can use it to book appointments, buy products and you can join my Reward Scheme.

Generous Reward Scheme

1 Point for each Full Price Treatment

1 Point for each Referral

1 Point for each Online Review.  Although I have yet to award a point for an online review, reviews on Yelp, Yell, Google+, Facebook and Scoot are all gratefully recived and rewarded with a point.

I am happy for reviews to be anonymous: just mail me to let me know it was you who left it.  Thanks you.

10 Points = 1 Free Colonic (or a discount on a food senstivity test to the value of a colonic)

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