An Amazing treatment That Gets Rid of Cellulite and Works on Bingo wings Too!

Effective Treatment for Cellulite, Bingo Wings, Moobs, Back Fat, Stretch Marks, Love Handles, Saggy Skin, Post Pregnancy Tummies and Spot Reduction - I'm Loving It!

No really! (Scroll down for some pictures of excellent results and information on what can be treated) This treatment is amazing and it works on problems no other product has really worked on before.   And there's still time to get improvements before your holidays.  I never promote a product or treatment that I have not tried myself and been entirely impressed with the results. My professional reputation is too important to me.

I Want Results, Fast

Now I can't claim to have had moobs (man boobs in case you are not familiar with the term) or had a saggy tummy post pregnancy (because I have never had children)  but we've all got parts of our body we are not happy with (even the supermodels) and mines my legs and bottom which, I hate to confess, were somewhat dimply, lumpy and bumpy.  I've tried lots of products and regimes (at home and in salons) in the past but despite embarking with enthusiasm and dedication the results have not been sufficiently significant for me to be happy with.  I want results and I want to see improvement fast so that I am motivated to carry on.  That has never happened.

Sculpts, Tones, Firms, Slims, Smooths, Hydrates, Tightens and Makes Skin Feel Silky

Now I really didn't expect this system to work for me (for some reason I always tend to think things will work for other people and I will be the exception) so I secretly worked on the back of one leg and the corresponding bottom cheek.  After five treatments I sought my partners opinion.  Although we are very comfortable I would never stand in front of him normally with my least favourite bits on show but I turned  the lights on full force and announced "Now I don't want to do this but I've been doing something and I want to know if you can see any difference in me from behind" and promptly turned round for inspection. 

And Even My Partner Was Impressed!

His response was immediate "Yes, it's your right bum cheek and the back of your right leg."  I was astonished and said "Tell me why".  "Well, your right buttock is peachy and round with no dimples and the skin looks really smooth and firm and the back of your leg is smooth and dimple free too.  But frankly love your left cheek is a bit saggy and dimply and the back of your leg has dimples too".  Now I didnt really want to share that with you  but that's why I am now offering this fabulous treatment.  I should really share photographs of the results but being a bit shy I am sharing photographs of other people:  I know who they are,  but you don't! 

Update on My Progress


Even I can't believe how well and quickly this is working.  

Started on my underarm area on Sunday (29.4.12) and by Wednesday those "lumps" that squash out and spoil the look of sleeveless tops were much smaller, had changed shape (now a slope rather than a lumpy bubble) and are considerably firmer.  Also started on the "love handles" that have been bulgeing over my jeans.  Yesterday, after only 3 x 5 minute treatments my jeans covered the area almost completely!   If you are not happy with your body this effective little device is a must! 


Quick Update - Just thought I'd mention, today (3.5.12), the belt I had on yesterday has gone down a full notch.  And its certainly not because I have been being good: had a full English Sunday morning, peanut M&Ms and a curry thing in the pub Monday night (and I'd already had my tea) and fish and chips on Tuesday night - way more extra than I ever usually have in a month never mind three days.  Hurray for the advent of the Body Spa - I think this could be even more life changing for me than GHDs (we all have our shallows!).

The Treatment

So what does the treatment involve.  It's fantastically simple and does not take much time.  I am offering it as a treatment in my practice but you can buy the gadget and the products and do the treatment at home: the choice is yours.

Treatment at Detox

For most people significant results can be seen in only five sessions. 

The treatment involves a "massage" with a cutting edge gadget that drives very effective (and natural) products deep into the skin.  Stage one involves a sculpting a gel that breaks down fat and facilitates the elimination of toxins (more on this further down).  It includes ingredients that target genes and restores their youthful expression.  So it's just not dealing with the symptoms of the problem its addressing the source.

Stage two is a cream that is to be applied twice daily during the treatment which has dermatic effects and restores the structure of skin, hydating,  firming and tightening.  Also works on genes, restoring their youthful expression (which means your skin is restored to work in the way it did when you were younger). It all sounds too good to be true but this system is very different to anything else on the market and produces excellent results.

Photographic Evidence

Because the results are cumulative it's essential to take before and after photographs so you are not relying on your subjective jusgement which can be very unreliable.  If you come to Detox I will take before and after photographs and email them to you. Alternatively my partner could come round and have a look but I think you would prefer the photographs!

If you choose to do the treatment at home you really must take pictures, it's worth it.  You don't have to show them to anyone else, it's just proof that its working. 

Cost of Treatment at Detox

I am offering 5 sessions which need to be taken in a two week period in order to get the best results.  Cost depends on the size of the area being treated (sorry, that sounds really horrible, but a larger area requires more product and more time). 

For someone of moderate size (i.e small up to size 16 but given how we vary in deposits of body fat and toxins it will vary and I will assess you on your first treatment) one area is:

  • Back of both legs
  • Front of both legs
  • Tummy 
  • Both upper arms
  • Bottom
  • Chest area (for man boobs)
  • Upper back fat on both sides
  • Underarm area on both sides (to target that annoying bit that sticks out when wearing sleeveless tops)
  • Love handles on both sides 

It may be possible to treat two adjacent areas as one (for example back of legs and bottom or love handles and bottom), it just depends on size, degree of dimpling, skin condition, fat deposits etc.

As always, I offer a Free Initial Consultation so we can decide what's best for you.  Other areas can be treated but it will be necessary to come in for a consultation or at least have a chat on the phone.  It is possible that larger sizes will be able to be treated for the same price, it all depends on the size of the area and the degree of dimpling etc so get in touch and we can discuss the possibillities.

I'm doing an introductory offer of five sessions for £150 (it will normally be £180 for five sessions) plus £43.00 for the cream you need to apply twice daily during the treatment period.  The appointment will be approximately 40 minutes as, to maximise the results, we will be doing 10 minutes on each area which is twice as long as you would do at home. Payment to be made in advance as I will be buying in product for your treatment.

Treatment at Home For Cellulite, Bingo Wings, Moobs, Love Handles, Post Pregnancy Tummies

Rather than coming to me for treatment you can get amazing results at home (photographs of genuine results further down). In fact, you will get better results at home.  The reason for this is that when I do the treatment I will be in the current loop. 

When you use the massager you have to have wet fingers which stay in contact with the sides of the device.  When I do the treatment not only will I have to have wet fingers on the massager but also a wet hand on your skin (your arm for example) so that the current flows.  When you treat yourself the current will be slightly stronger.   

I'd love you to come to me for treatments but there are significant benefits to using the device at home:

  • You can continue treating an area until you are happy with it
  • You only need to spend 5 minutes every other day on each area
  • You can do the treatment at any time that suits you such as when you get up or before you go to bed
  • You can do the treatment whilst watching television
  • You can treat multiple areas
  • It's likely that you will get quicker results when you treat yourself
  • If you order the gel and cream on a regular monthly basis I can offer you a significant discount (and generous points to get other products free)
  • You can recommend the product to other people and if they buy you will earn a small commission (and that's every time they buy something)
  • You can continue treatment when you are away from home such as on holiday
  • You could share the body spa with your partner or a friend
  • You save money and time by not having to come to my premises
  • It works out less expensive all round


Cost of Treatment at Home

The Body Spa is now available to order so give me a call on 0113 3910415.  There are various options and packages available which affect the price so get in touch to discuss which option is best for you.  For such effective cutting edge technology and amazing products it costs much less than you probably think.  It can cost only a little more than one course of treatments with me!

The are also various options for buying supplies of the gel and cream  with good discounts for a regular monthly order which is delivered direct to your home, can be cancelled at any time (before a specificied date each month) and ensures you never run out of products.  

I have a couple of the Spas in stock so if you are keen to get going get in touch and you will be on your way to a better body within days.  

What Can the System Treat

There are a whole host of body issues that respond well to this system.  Cellulite, bingo wings, saggy skin post-pregnancy, stretch marks, spot reducing (the first system I have found that can achieve this), man boobs (or moobs), saggy skin after weight loss, love handles, double chins and that pesky bit under your arms that sticks out when you wear sleeveless tops.

What is Cellulite
Cellulite Before and After Picture

Cellulite is simply toxins trapped in the lower levels of the skin which cause the dimpling effect.  Essentially, it's like having peanut M&Ms trapped in the lower levels of your skin.  The products in conjuction with the gadget break down the outer shells allowing your body to eliminate the trapped toxins.  None of the products I have ever tried have worked like this one.

The picture shows the results after using the system (thats the gadget in conjunction with the Body Sculpting Gel for just five minutes every other day plus the Dermatic Effects Skin Cream twice daily throughout the treatment period), only five times! 

It may take longer for some people but these results are just the same as I achieved with five treatments plus using the cream twice daily.

Man Boobs (Moobs)
Get Rid of Man Boobs

I have not found any other treatment that can deal with man boobs (or moobs as they are also known).  Check with your doctor first to make sure you don't have a medical condition but if you don't  forget about surgery for man boobs as this system gets rid of them quick.  The picture shows the results after just one session with the gadget on just the right moob.  Now that is a result! 

Doing exercises for man boobs (moobs) that target your pectoral muscles will improve the results even further but you should get results even without exercise.  If you are very overweight it would make sense to lose some weight but get working on your moobs whilst you are slimming for a much improved result.

The moobs in the picture are quite small but you have to admit the result is impressive.  And these are not studio pictures that have been manipulated or used clever lighting, just genuine people happy with their results taking pictures on their phones.

Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings have been very hard to get rid of and often stick around even if you lose lots of weight.  They are trapped fat and you can't tone fat so exercise often brings little improvement.

The pciture is of fairly small bingo wings but you can see how much firmer the left arm, the one that has been treated, is.  I don't have any pictures of bigger bingo wings that I am allowed to post but if you email me at I can send you some links to excellent Youtube videos with amazing results.  I know lots of people who have used the system to eliminate bingo wings completely and others who have achieved fantastic reductions in size, together with big improvements in tone.

If you have large bingo wings then I recommend going for the treatment at home option.  But again, get in touch to discuss the best option.

Spot Reduction
Spot reduction of fat possible for the first time

We all know that it's not possible to spot reduce, well that's no longer true!

This fantastic system can be used on all those difficult to deal with areas such as love handles, legs (where weight tends to stick), tummies, bottoms and upper back fat.

A great addition to any weight loss programme.

This lady has worked on just one leg initially and I don't need to tell you which one.

Post Pregnancy and After Weight Loss

One of the downsides of losing weight is that you can often be left with loose saggy skin.  And it can be the same after giving birth.  Some people's tummies go back into shape with apparently little effort but others are left with loose crepey skin.

The best pictures I have seen of the results achieved with this system are on Youtube but I am not allowed to post the links so e-mail me and and I will point you in the right direction.  There are some truly epic results. 


You cannot have this treatment if you have:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Metal Implants
  • A pacemaker

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