The detox Home Enema Kit

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  • This Enteroclisma home-use enema kit has a two litre capacity and comes with both an anal cannula for colonic enemas and also a vaginal irrigation cannula.

    Further information

    Best practice is to replenish the bowel flora with probiotics after use. Ideally combined with our other digestive system supplements and intestinal products for best results.


    • The enema kit is packed in a soft cardboard outer box (as seen).
    • When shipped this product is posted out in discreet padded envelopes. Unfortunately, the outer box is often flattened in the post during transit. This will not affect the enema kit in any way.  We do not give refunds or replacements for flattened boxes.

    Beneficial for:

    • colon cleansing
    • digestive tract health
    • cleanse and detox
    • constipation
    • fermentation and putrefaction in the gut
    • a healthy balance of gut micro flora
    • digestive disorders, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms such as bloating
    • elimination of accumulated fat, waste, toxins and parasites
    • restoring normal muscular activity in the colon
    • weight loss support
    • general immunity and well-being.



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