Piles - a pain in the bottom!

Piles - a pain in the butt!

Often seen as something humourous, piles or haemorrhoids are certainly no laughing matter for the sufferer but the good news is that they can generally be improved or completely eliminated by making a few changes.

What are Piles
Internal and external piles

The best way to describe piles is varicose veins in your bottom.  They can be internal, external or both at the same time.  And they vary hugely from the size of a pea to something very much larger.  They can change size depending on how much blood is engorged.  and the degree of discomfort will also vary depending on the size of the swelling.

What causes piles

Piles are generally caused by too much straining so the best way to get rid of them is to improve your bowel function.  Please read the section on constipation and follow the instructions to facilitate easy bowel movements.  

For the vast majority of people improving bowel movements will simply involve:

1.  Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet.  When the government did their Five a Day  Campaign, it wasnt five portions of fruit and veg it was actually supposed to be 9 - 14 portions.  But in their nanny-state wisdom they decided it was too much to ask so arbitrarily chose 5 portions.  It is simply not enough.  Not enough for good health and not enough for healthy bowels.  A lot of people find it a challenge to achieve 9 - 14 portions however 9 is only three portions three times per day.  If you eat less pasta, rice, bread, potatoes etc you will find it easy to consume more vegewtables.  Be wiling to make changes gradually: they are nmore liekly to stick as good habits rather than if you change everything all at once.  Start by adding say three pieces of fruit per day and gradually increase. 

2.  Increasing the Amount of Water you drink  You need 35mls per kg of body weight plus an addition half litre if you have been under-drinking for some time (that's to pay back your hydration debt).  You will hear all sorts of conflicting advice, but blieve me, nothing substitutes for drinking pure clean water.  You may well wee for Engoland when you first start to increase your intake but this is just your body flushing itself through.  Gradually, the urge to urinate will decrease and generally within two weeks you will be able to drink more without popping to the loo every five minutes.  It could take as much as a year to fully hydrate on a cellular basis so this is not some short term fix.  

Fast Results Treating Piles

My best selling product, Go Daily, is also perfect for getting quick results with piles.  I recommend taking it is about three inches of water, stir briskly and drink.  Take it before breakfast and evening meal for the first two weeks then you should be able to just take it before your breakfast.  It contains a soothing blend of psyllium husk (which absorbs 25 times it's own volume of water) which forms soft gel-like poos, digestive enzymes to perk up your digestion, L-glutamine to soothe and restore the digestive tract and good bacteria.

Bleeding Piles

Persistent rectal bleeding should always be checked out by your doctor.  Generall however if you are getting blood on the toilet paper after a bowel movement, and its bright red and fresh looking it is most likely going to be from bleeding piles.

Once you remove the strain from your rectal passage by producing soft easy to move stools the bleeding should sort itself out.

Sitting Comfortably

Getting your feet off the ground when you use the loo can really help with piles.  Human beings are desgined to evacuate their bowels in a squatting position.  Using a western style loo produces unnatural strains in the rectal passage and is also much less efficient for total emptying of the bowel.

Using a childs step to raise your feet off the ground helps to put you into a more natural position, supporting your abdomen with your thighs and reducing the strain on your rectal muacles.

Persistent Constipation

Constipation that does not respond to increasing fruit and veg, increasing water intake etc should be investigated by your doctor.  However many people experience constipation as a result of food sensitivities so it would be a good idea to get tested.

Still Having Problems

If you have followed the advice and are still having problems then please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to assist you.

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